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How to cut your health care bill: pay cash

February 15, 2016

In this article, Melinda Beck writes about the common tale heard time and time again: a patient uses their insurance for a medical service and then finds themselves stuck with an exorbitant bill they never expected because they didn’t know how much that service would cost, and how much their insurance would pay, in the first place. To make matters worse, they could have walked down the street to another provider and paid cash to save hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars.

One example Beck offers in the article is an MRI of the knee at Boulder Community Hospital in Colorado, where the charge is $1,100 for someone using their Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield plan, or $600 for someone paying cash.

At Sidecar Health, we’re making it possible for our members to have the financial security of being insured, while enabling them to take advantage of the steep discounts that shopping around and paying cash upfront using their Sidecar Health payment card can offer.

Read the full article at The Wall Street Journal

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