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Insured price: $2,758. Cash price: $521. Could our healthcare system be any dumber?

July 30, 2019

The article’s author David Lazarus argues that a key reason for the high costs of health care in the U.S. is lack of transparency in pricing. He goes on to say that this lack of transparency in turn creates a lack of accountability for marked up pricing since consumers don’t know how much their medical service should cost. And, he has some great statistics to back that claim up. Lazarus tells about one consumer who found that the medical center where she had a pair of ultrasounds done had actually marked up the cost by more than 400% - charging $2,758 for what should have cost about $500.

By paying doctors at when you get care, you know exactly what the price will be, rather than handing over your insurance card and hoping for the best. At Sidecar Health, our payment cards enable our members to pay for their care upfront, promoting better transparency and helping them take advantage of lower cash pricing.

Read the full article from the LA Times

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